Transferability to FNU

Transferability refers to the procedure that the University utilizes to accept credits from other post-secondary institutions.

Students who wish to continue their studies at FNU may transfer up to 65% of the total number of credits required for completion of a program. That is:

A maximum of 78 credits towards a 120-credit program.

A maximum of 52 credits towards an 80-credit program.

A maximum of 49 credits towards a 75-credit program.

A maximum of 39 credits towards a 60-credit program.

A maximum of 29 credits towards a 45-credit program.

A maximum of 20 credits towards a 30-credit program.

(Exception – Students transferring to the BSN Program with an ASN Degree and RN License)

Master programs

Up to six (6) credits can be transferred into the program.

Graduate Certificates:

Graduate Certification courses are drawn from the MBA program and are transferable (within five years) to graduates with a grade average of B or higher and meet the MBA admission requirements outlined in the FNU Catalog.

FNU reserves the right to choose the credentialing institutions it recognizes.

Credit Transferability Procedure

  1. The applicant submits an original transcript of his/her courses from the previous institution(s) at the time of registration or within the student’s first semester of enrollment.
  2. The Campus Registrar will render an interim evaluation of the transcript. A copy will be uploaded to CampusNexus system.
  3. The University Registrar or the Vice-President of Academics will give the final approval to the transfer credits.
  4. This final evaluation will be uploaded in the system and a notification will be sent to the Office of Financial Aid for computation.

Note: Grade point averages are not transferred; but courses transferred will appear on the student’s transcripts with their respective/earned grades.

Minimum Grade for Transfer

Transfer credits are granted only for those courses in which a grade of “C” or better was earned. Criteria for transferring credits from an A.A. or A.S. degree program awarded at FNU to a baccalaureate program are discussed in the section Transferred Credits. For internal transferability from one program to another program, the student must satisfactorily pass at least 25% of the credits corresponding with the new career to graduate.

Transfer from Regionally and Non-Regionally Accredited Institutions

FNU accepts credits from regionally accredited institutions that are applicable to the applicant’s program of study. FNU will accept credits from non-regionally accredited institutions for courses that are substantially equivalent in content to FNU’s courses and applicable to the applicant’s program and evaluated on a course-by-course basis. The acceptance of classes from non-regionally accredited institutions is contingent upon appropriate faculty credentials and applicable course content to the degree program. Additionally, FNU accepts transfer credits from nationally accredited institutions that participate in the Florida Statewide Course Numbering System.

International Credits

Credits from international institutions will be evaluated and granted on course equivalency basis. The transcript must be translated into English and evaluated by an authorized educational evaluations and translations agency.

Credit is not awarded for developmental, preparatory, or vocational coursework.

CLEP and AP Credits

Credit will be awarded for CLEP and AP test scores in compliance with FNU’s policy on these tests. Credit will be awarded for DANTES test programs in accordance with the recommendations of the American Council on Education. A maximum of 9 credits will be accepted from test scores. The credits must be earned before the student is enrolled or within the first two semesters.

ACE Credits

Credit will be accepted from U.S. military service schools in accordance with the recommendations of the American Council on Education (ACE).

Experiential Learning Credits

Credit for Experiential Learning (prior college-level learning attained outside a formal institution setting) will be evaluated and assessed according to the FNU procedures for acceptance and equivalency of Experiential Learning credits.

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