Students can apply to a maximum of ONE FNU scholarship at any given time. Students with full tuition scholarships are unable to apply for any other scholarships.

FNU reserves the right to modify or terminate any scholarship at its sole discretion.

International students, if they qualify, may only apply for the International Scholarships.

Only the FUTURE U.S. RESIDENT SCHOLARSHIP applies to students studying in an ESL program.

Please note: students that are receiving financial assistance from Vocational Rehabilitation, Military Active Duty, or VA do not qualify for any FNU scholarship, for their tuition reduction is greater.

Required Community Service Hours

Students that are awarded a scholarship are required to perform community/university service hours. These hours are a mandatory component as a recipient of a scholarship; if you do not complete your hours within the specified period (end of semester), you will forfeit the scholarship. For more information on the requirements to fulfill your community service, contact the Academic Advising Office.

Number of Volunteer hours required:

Program Required # of Volunteer Hours Total hours required by the end of the program Verification Form Due
Associate degree programs 25 per semester 150 The last Monday of the semester
Bachelor’s degree programs 25 per semester 300 The last Monday of the semester
Graduate degree programs 25 per semester 75 The last Monday of the semester
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